As we learn from the current survey, we will provide some insights.  All survey results are intended to help inform our research and provide the community with insights useful in maturing software trust.  If you have a metric you would like to see us research, please fill out a Metric Research Request

A majority of the surveyed organizations review their metrics:  MONTHLY





The following metrics are trending as the best metrics within each pillar:

Mean Time to Recover
% Availability (Tied)

Customer Satisfaction

Deployment Frequency

Error Rate

Additional metrics being evaluated within this study:

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

Mean Time to Failure (MTTF)

Mean Time to Incident (MTTI)

% Availability



Mean Downtime

% SLA (Service Level Agreement) met

% Transaction Failures

Outage Durations

% Response Time within X

% Securability


# of vulnerabilities discovered

% Risks above Threshold

Change Failure Rate

% Service Level Objectives met

99th percentile response time

Return on Resiliency Investment (RORI)

Daily Active Users (DAU)

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Time to Value

Customer Sign-ups

Customer Effort Score

TP99 (Top Percent 99)

Product Adoption Rate

Feature Adoption Rate

Churn Rate

Seven-day Active Users

Time to First [action]

Seat Licenses

Time to First Use

Adoption Rate

% Daily or Monthly Users

Average Time Spent


Time to Value

Lead Time for Changes

Flow velocity

Developer Activity

Change Volume

Time to Open

Time to Close

Story Points Completed

Developer Satisfaction

Pull Request Size

Pull Request Frequency

Number of Sprint Issues Closed

Number of Developer Tools

Number of Governance Hours Spent

Error Budget

Error Optimization

Defect Leakage

Test Case Pass Rate

Defects Fixed Per Day

% Defect Reduction

Defect Containment Effectiveness

% Pre-release defects